• Etoma Egot

    Etoma Egot

    Head of Data @air-up,Business Analysis, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, BI, Predictive Analytics, ePayments, http://linkedin.com/in/etoma-egot

  • Dhandapani Palanisamy

    Dhandapani Palanisamy

  • Sarah Floris

    Sarah Floris

    A little bit of everything, focusing on data science and engineering.

  • MHAMDI Chiheb

    MHAMDI Chiheb

  • Fernanda Vilela

    Fernanda Vilela

    Analytics Engineer | ♥ music

  • Jesus R.

    Jesus R.

    Publico cosas que me parecen interesantes cuando tengo tiempo.

  • Matthew Kleinrock

    Matthew Kleinrock

    Digital Marketing Strategist / Consultant based in Washington DC. Specializes in Google Analytics & Ads.

  • Po H AWS

    Po H AWS

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